Mid Century Wares And A Mid Century Affair

Yesterday morning was spent on a sunny stock hunt in the build up to our North London furniture flea this coming weekend in the beautiful Hornsey town hall.…
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Pancakes Aren’t Just For Pancake Day

A week on and I am sat here thinking back on the excitement felt this time last week, all because we were having pancakes for dinner, it was that time of year again the joyous ‘Pancake Day.’…
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An Edible Bloom

I have just clambered out of the pile of courgettes our garden has produced, it’s amazing there are more and more everyday, it’s all very exciting!…
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French Inspiration

Whilst truffling around my Mum’s stall last week in Covent Garden I came across a lovely book ‘The French Cafe’ by Marie-France Boyer.…
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Blooms, Stripes And A Harvest – The World Of The London Escape Artist

Summer is here, although that is a dubious concept with all the April type showers we are having, it can be very confusing when you go out in shorts in the morning to bright sunshine and two hours later you are desperately trying to find shelter from a torrential down pour, I can’t say I am enjoying the unpredictability, but I can say our new garden is enjoying every minute, and has come on a storm.…
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Blowing Away The Cobwebs And Grayson Perry’s House

Last weekend with a house full of dear friends from my old job we decided to explore the local area around Harwich, and despite a rather heavy night fueled with Prosecco and red wine we embarked on an 8 mile walk from Harwich to Wrabness, in the hope that the fresh sea air would blow away the cobwebs (that it did).…
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Our Feathered Friend – Arthur

Yesterday was spent selling at Spitalfields Market, which is always a great day out, but yesterday was particularly special as I found our new addition to the home, a feathered friend. …
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Finger Linkin Chicken Salad. A Recipe Idea On A Shoe String Budget

With our new life in Harwich and my new vintage dealer “full time status,” life can be a little frugal at times.…
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Chintzy Florals And The Early Bird – The World Of The London Escape Artist

After a few months of chintzy florals…., …
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Taking The Plunge – The London Escape Artist

It’s been a long while since I wrote a blog post, apologies for my disappearance. It’s been an exciting few months, rather mad and hectic but all in a good way.  In the middle of last year my boyfriend (The Woodfashioner) and I came to the decision to leave London, not a decision taken lightly and one mixed with lots of apprehensions along the lines of…. ‘how will we survive without the bright lights and the hustle and bustle?’ ‘will life without our beloved London be too quiet and unsatisfying?’ But when faced with the prospect of being able to buy our own home (by the sea no less), an impossible scenario for us in London despite being on relatively good wages and having saved a fairly decent deposit (thanks to The Woodfashioner’s Mum putting up with us under her roof for the last two years), the apprehensions soon began to wane.

Lots of research went into possible areas, combined with lots of day trips, finally we came upon Harwich. An Essex town, known for its international port with the ferry to The Hook of Holland. It’s a town full of character with beautiful Historic Harwich one way and your classic English high street in Dovercourt the other, whilst being surrounded be sea, for us it seemed like it had it all on first glance. But despite this the worries were still there, mainly being that it would be too quiet after a London life, but it soon became apparent that maybe the slower pace of life with fresh sea air and friendly people might not be such a bad thing and actually one that we may possibly really relish. So just putting the worries down to the big changes that were on the horizon, we cracked on, and after a few months of looking and a few heartbreaks we finally found our dream home, ticking all the boxes. It was by no means ready to go, but we could see the potential and we wanted somewhere we could put our own stamp on, owned by a lovely man for over 50 years it had been truly loved and we know we are going to love it just as much.…
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